File path changing when moving to another PC

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File path changing when moving to another PC

Post by Kroustinio » Thu Jan 31, 2019 9:27 pm


I'm new in the forum, and live in France, that is why please forgive me for my aproximative english....

I need to know how to fix the path file problem when I re-install indigo and sketchup in windows 10 on my PC : I had to do this these days...

my sketchup project is in a directory that I have to move sometimes: I need to work in other places and on Mac either.

I re-installed windows 10 and when I triyed to render my scene, indigo displays a window telling me that the path for certain textures are wrong : he has indeed memorized the ancient user name on the PC. But the textures are still in the skp cache, but I don't know how to specify indigo a path for these files...

And i'm affraid to be confronted with this problem when moving the directory to another computer.

I need to know how to make all skindigo project files relative to the root diectory, as sketchup does.

Thanks for your help.

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