[Delta materials] Specular, Null and Blend

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[Delta materials] Specular, Null and Blend

Post by Jay-ko » Fri Jun 10, 2016 5:28 pm


I try to work on 2 differents sujects, but it is on the same kind of materials:
  • blend 2 speculars with different medium
  • place 2 objects at the same position, one in Null, one in Specular
REF: http://www.indigorenderer.com/documenta ... ypes/blend

So if I use a "Glossy specular (with an high exponent value)", I can blend more, but the result do not use the blend texture map.
First in do not really understand what happens, because that should return an error also.
Then, i am pretty sure that an upgraded shader could be done. by using a raymarching technique for exemple.
Nick could you confirm that point?

In case of 2 same objects at the same position, but with a Null and a specular, I obtain lot of artefact (circular) and the result in not the same absorption.

Delta material means that the rays need to "go out" fo be able to do something without an infinite absorption. --> black response

Artefact and absorption should not be visible if the Null is really a "Null" :D,
--> What's happens?
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