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upload system

Post by CTZn » Fri Jan 16, 2015 9:12 am

Hi, could the upload window provide more informations (connection status), and assess size and file format before uploading ?

I'm trying to upload a 12.5MB file for 30mn without knowing crap about what is going on. The bar sure goes on but for what I know, should the connection drop it would keep going all the same.

I'm with a mesh I want to share for nearly one week while looking like I don't :( I typed three messages to Ono in the past days without being able to comply due to this issue (the progress bar assuring me with a "The upload is currently in progress." for way too long).

PS: I don't wish to create an account on a different service for the purpose, send me someone alright to get the meshes if you want :)
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