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Using latest Indigo RT trial, Blender 2.58a and Blendigo on Windows 7 64-bit.

When exporting an Indigo scene where I have applied (for example) a Blender Voroni texture for bump, I get this error when opeing the exported scene (igs-file shows 0Kb in Windows) in Indigo:

"Error: Scene parsing error: failed to load XML doc from path 'E:/3D/Scenes/indigo-tests/CUBE-SCREEN.IGS': Error document empty. (Line 0, column 0.)"

When exporting an indigo scene where I have applied a (for example) image (PNG) for bump, I get this error when opeing the exported scene in Indigo:

"A problem occurred with the scene:
Error while building scene: ObjectExcep: Error with material 10: Mesh has no UVs (model UID: 16)
Indigo version: Indigo RT v3.0.14, Windows 64-bit build."

I´m quite interested to go with Indigo RT as an entry level Unbiased renderer, but I keep getting errors here and there doing simple tasks, and that really makes me hesitate. How mature is the Blendigo exporter and Indigo actually, and what to expect in the (near) future? Some images in the gallery are astonishing, but if the road to end up there is too winding...

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Hi Jan, and welcome to the forum!

Currently it is not possible to use blenders procedural textures in indigo. Just "normal" image files are allowed. You'll have to bake the voroni texture if you want to use it. I'm pretty sure this is on dougal's (maintainer of blendigo) to-do-list.

If you want to use a texture in Indigo, you have to unwrap your model first and assign uv's. Please refer to blenders documentation on how to use uv-textures. If you did that already, do the textures show up in blender's viewport?

Officially blendigo for blender 2.5 is still "beta", but pretty mature already. Just keep reading the docs, and if you keep getting errors post them here. Blender and Indigo are a pretty good combo! :)

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Indigo 100
Also the newest Blendigo is

Indigo has its own form of procedural textures/shaders that are generated by ISL (Indigo Shader Language).
However that is not for the faint hearted! There are several of these in the online material database.

Ok, I´m sure the UV unwrapping / baking will fix this. I did this test rather fast and didn´t unwrap / bake or anything, just to see what happened.

The question remains though if Indigo RT / Blendigo is up to production standards. I know after following Blender closely for a couple of years now that (for better or worse) it is kind of in a constant development (if you want the latest tools/adddons etc), and keeping track of which plugins, exporters etc that works for the moment is time consuming. I might jump of that train.

I´m also looking at Modo 501 which contains all tools in a single package at a reasonable price. But then again, some Indigo renders are really good. :) I wish that Indigo was more open to other standard formats, like .obj or so.

Maxwell is producing really great renders, but is slow (haven´t tested it myself yet).

Vray - there we might have a connection from Blender, but it feels kind of shaky.

Anyway, thanks for the directions so far. :)

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