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download indigo v06-test6-

unzip and put files to C:Indigo (*.exe at this level)

download max exporter -M2I_615beta2-

copy "U3D-IndigoExport RC0.615\Exporter\scripts\" content
to "3ds Max 9\Scripts" folder

copy "\U3D-IndigoExport RC0.615\Exporter\scripts\startup" content
to "3ds Max 9\Scripts\Startup" folder

copy "U3D-IndigoExport RC0.615\Exporter\UI\Macroscripts" content
to "3ds Max 9\ui\macroscripts"

copy "U3D-IndigoExport RC0.615\Master" content
to "C:\Indigo"

install is done now!

start max
menu "Customize" -- "Customize User Interface"
select the Menus bar tab.
select "U3D Tools" from Category
you can drag and drop the Max2Indigo to a devlopped menu on the right. I personaly put it on top of Rendering section.

now you can launch your Indigo render window by going on Menu "Rendering" --"Max2Indigo"

you have 5 Indigo materials, emitter provide any objects illumination effects. you can use standart max lights. to use the Indigo PhysicalSky you have to put a direct target light in the scene first.
camera must but targeted. no sky light in the scene.

enable Tonemapping in the Tonemapping tab. If not your scene might be over exposed.
go to camera tab and hit render!

the max9 scene

during render you can go for shopping or travel. few weeks later you will see your beautifull render is nearly done!! :lol:

Hi Loran, is this a new exporter?

"To be, or not to be" That is a question?

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Thanks for the contribution loran...!!!!

Sorry but i'm already doing the coding so it is very good i get some help
with support and tutorials.... !!!


u3dreal ;)

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If we used this file to do a speedtest?

render time:
pc or render farm

2x Xeon quad core ghz 2.66(8 core)+4g ram+quadro fx
2 x Xeon Quad 5540 (16 core)+16GB ram+ Nvidia GTX 295 1800mb

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