Presenting Blender to Mac Users

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Presenting Blender to Mac Users

Post by 5OnIt » Sun Dec 23, 2007 9:42 am

Next month at their January meeting, we members of the Michigan Blender Users Group will be demoing Blender to the Mac Group Detroit Macintosh Users Group. We are trying to present Blender (And 3D artwork in general) to people who have never heard of Blender before and have little or no experience with 3D artwork. Many users have no idea that you can create photo realistic artwork, as well as games, technical illustrations and other artwork with a program that is not only powerful, but free and open source as well.

Many of you on this board have much more experience and dare we say are just plain BETTER at Blending than we are. So what we would like to do is include as much artwork from other Blender users as we can. We would like to compile this onto a CD/DVD and pass it out for FREE to the Mac Group Members, along with a copy of Blender, Tutorials, Videos, some simple .blend files and anything else we can find. This way they can take a copy home and try it out. You are asked to contribute whatever you like.

Since Macs can now run Windows and Linux with BootCamp and Parallels, we'd like to show off Indigo, which is what I use for nearly 90% of my Renders.

We don't want to include anyone's artwork and/or any other work you may have without permission. If you would like to contribute, please *DO NOT* post your artwork here. Instead, I think a better solution would be to post a link to were we can download it even if it's on BlenderArtists and just in another thread. Perhaps a link to a downloadable ZIP file? If you want full credit, please include as much information as possible, like your name (real or screen name), the date you created it, the version of Blender you used, The Renderer used along with any other info you would like included like Copyright info.

If you would like more information about us, here it is...

The site for MacGroup Detroit is here...

Thanks in Advance!

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