How do I set an Environment Map in Blendigo 4.3.0

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How do I set an Environment Map in Blendigo 4.3.0

Post by TELunus » Tue Jul 07, 2020 3:45 am

I've got a scene in Blender (version 2.83 with Blendigo 4.3.0) that I'm going to want to start a bunch of renders from, and I want them all to use an HDR exr image as an environment map for the lighting. I've managed to add the image as an environment map in the Indigo UI itself, but of course that doesn't persist when I stop the render and start a different render from the same Blender scene. Unfortunately I can't seem to find an option to set that anywhere. Does anyone know how (or even whether) I can set this up? Or, better yet, is there documentation on where I can set it? The best I've found is an old blendigo manual that shows how to do it for a version of Blendigo for Blender 2.49 (which alas doesn't work in Blendigo 4.3.0 in Blender 2.83): ... manual.pdf

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Re: How do I set an Environment Map in Blendigo 4.3.0

Post by burnin » Tue Jul 07, 2020 8:57 pm

I don't know if this is the correct way to do it, but it gets the job done... :?

1. Add a Light > Sun

2. set Properties:

> Indigo Hemi Lamp
- Lamp Type: Bacground Color/HDRI environment map
- Env Map: //pathto...
- Env map type: Spherical/Spherical Environment
- Gain
- Light layer

> Indigo Sun/Hemi (select Hemi)

EnvMap set Blendigo.jpg

3. Render (f12)

Now, the thing is that every time Indigo Render starts, it shows pitch black. I think that's just because Emission Scale is missing in Blender and gets exported as None. So to get light emitting from the HDRI all you need to do is to set that under Background Settings > Environment > Emission Scale and for Measure choose anything but None.

And that should do it.

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