External Camera Data

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External Camera Data

Post by FakeShamus » Fri Sep 20, 2013 3:25 am

this is probably too specific to my own workflow to incorporate as an official feature, but I've played around enough with Blendigo and Python and wanted to add this little function that I've needed for a while. maybe someone else will find it useful. it allows you to load an .igs with just camera data in place of the normal exported camera from Blendigo.

I tend to tweak the angle and position and other camera settings quite a lot in Indigo while I test a render, and it is often impossible (at least very time consuming) to recreate exactly the same angle of view in Blender. rotation on the different axes behaves slightly differently in Blender than in Indigo. so instead, I save my camera-tweaked scene from Indigo and then open up the .igs in a text editor and copy just the xml for the camera into a new document. in order for it to work, it needs to be nested within xml tags for<scenedata>:

Code: Select all

so that gets saved as it's own .igs which can be selected from within Blendigo now with the tweaked camera.py, attached. of course, this changes nothing in the Blender viewport, so the Blender camera should be more or less in the right position looking in roughly the right direction as you continue adding things to your composition.

so, clearly, this is not always necessary, but it is very satisfying to know the camera can be locked in when you get just the right shot you were looking for in Indigo.

the new camera.py replaces the one in Blender add-ons in indigo/properties/camera.py
(that's on Mac OSX)

let me know if this is a help to anyone!
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Re: External Camera Data

Post by vis4arch » Sat Sep 21, 2013 10:59 am


I'll check it out!

Camera pos fine tuning is a long process for me too. ;)
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