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Blendigo for Indigo 3.4 stable

Posted: Tue Nov 06, 2012 2:15 am
by OnoSendai
Blendigo (Indigo for Blender) for Indigo 3.4 stable


WINDOWS INSTALLER: ... taller.exe

This exporter requires Blender version 2.64 or newer.

It also requires Indigo 3.4.7 or newer to be installed. The latest Indigo Renderer build is recommended. Get it from


Unzip the archive. Move the extracted indigo folder into your Blender addons folder.
You should end up with <blender scripts>/addons/indigo/

Run Blender 2.6, go into User Preferences/Addons, and find the Render section. Locate the Blendigo entry
and enable the addon by clicking the little checkbox on the right.


Run Blender 2.6, go into User Preferences/Addons. Click the "Install Addon" button and choose the file. The addon will be installed and shown to you, ready for activation.

If you are upgrading, be sure to choose the "Overwrite" option when selecting the .zip file.

You can easily check the installed version in the Addons panel. After upgrading/replacing I would strongly recommend restarting blender.

When motion blur is enabled, objects with keyframes whose parents also have keyframes may have incorrect transformations in Indigo.
The workaround for this is to disable motion blur for the scene. This can be disabled by unchecking the 'Motion Blur' checkbox in the Render settings tab in Blender, in the 'Indigo Render Engine Settings' section.

Changes in the 3.4 series:
* Specular material 'transparent' defaults to true.
* Specular material default IOR is now 1.5.
* Fixed external materials that were broken in
* Installer now installs into Blender 2.6.4 directory scripts directory instead of 2.6.3.
* Changed section plane support to use custom object properties instead of '.section' magic naming.
* Added 'cull geometry' option as well.
* Fixed crashes and errors during animation export.
* Fixed export IGMesh command.
* Added section plane support (use by creating a plane with name ending with '.section')
* Added orthographic camera support.
* Fixed overriding of path to Indigo executable every time on startup.
* If there is no light in the scene, a white environment light is exported.
* Fixed only first material assigned to object getting its IES profile and emission scale exported.
* Fixed bug with IES paths being incorrect.
* Hopefully fixed bug with motion blur keyframes having wrong rotation.
Fixed bug with shading normals and proxies that would cause export to fail.
* Mesh export is a lot faster (~3x faster)
* Changed the way UVs are exported.
* Indigo 3.4.6 is now required.