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Coding indigo

Posted: Mon Nov 13, 2006 3:37 pm
by oodmb
1. i have heard many rumors about indigo's code. one of them is that it is java based
2. i was wondering if indigo is an open source free project or closed source free project. If its closed source, why? wouldnt the development speed greatly increase if indigo was allowed to be open source like blender? if people upload code that you dont like or doesnt work, you can always not include it in a test or final release. java is the one code i actualy know how to code and indigo is the one 3d program which i have heard uses it, and personaly, i have lots of ideas i would like to intigrate.

Posted: Mon Nov 13, 2006 3:47 pm
by skypa
It's closed source and free so far. Although I'd like it to be open source, I don't mind too much, since renderer usually don't profit from being open source, since there just aren't enough people around who know how to code that kind of stuff.

Posted: Mon Nov 13, 2006 3:49 pm
by oodmb
well, i have never had any experience codding a renderer, but in theory, an unbiased renderer can not be the most complicated thing to make, i imagine it would be much much harder to code a renderer for speed, so in theory, unlike most renderers, indigo an unbiased render would benefit from open source, at least more than yafray.

Posted: Mon Nov 13, 2006 3:54 pm
by afecelis
one thing I'm sure about it it's that it's not Java-based.

Sunflow is, and it's open source:
upcoming version 7 seems to come with lots of improvements and new toys! :wink:


Posted: Mon Nov 13, 2006 4:01 pm
by oodmb
hmm, i forgot about sunflow. to tell you the truth, i never realy liked sunflow, it always gave me very poor results(washed out colors...)

if not java, what language?

Posted: Mon Nov 13, 2006 4:13 pm
by afecelis
C++, but Nick likes to use MSVC and its classes, hence portability is still an issue because of dependencies, tho you can run Indigo in Linux via WINE, but a true Linux port would rock! Nick would have to have to make the code non-dependent from MSVC classes and libraries for that. :wink:

Posted: Mon Nov 13, 2006 10:02 pm
by tungee
indigo is onos only baby;
would you give your baby away?

Posted: Mon Nov 13, 2006 10:07 pm
by OnoSendai
Yes, Indigo is written in C++
It's pretty portable tho, the only windows only stuff is the display windows.


Posted: Tue Nov 14, 2006 1:46 am
by oodmb
i am not suggesting that the baby be given away, but possibly sent to school to get an education and go to college and become a succesfull functioning adult in society until. as i said before, ono doesn't have to accept all changes to the source code, but it would be nice to give his baby hand.

Posted: Tue Nov 14, 2006 4:29 am
by eman7613
there are other ways to contribute to indigo if you want, i remember one person posted about (you can search for it and ask them or start yourself) of making a java based UI that works with indigo. Someone has already made a UI but i don't use it, it confuses me ;p

Its a home schooled baby ;p

social skills

Posted: Tue Nov 14, 2006 5:17 am
by oodmb
as i know nothing about creating ui, or even using a ui in java (yah i know how that sounds like i know nothing about programming) i was thinking more in the material shaders of indigo, such as subsurface scatter and other ones. also, would anybody find a "laser" light emmitter usefull?

Posted: Tue Nov 14, 2006 5:36 am
by afecelis
OnoSendai wrote:Yes, Indigo is written in C++
It's pretty portable tho, the only windows only stuff is the display windows.
Perhaps use a cross platform display window like Fox Toolkit (what Kerkythea uses to be able to run on win-linux), GTK, or WXwidgets/wxgtk? :wink:

Posted: Tue Nov 14, 2006 6:44 am
by playmesumch00ns
An even better solution would be to have a display driver interface. Then each platform could have its own implementation that would be loaded as a plugin...

If you want any help with implementing that or general os-independent porting, nick, just ask....

Code Ownership

Posted: Tue Nov 14, 2006 6:55 am
by m1j
I think it is good that the code in under strict control. But perhapes a salect team of coders could be allowed to help. If a programmer wished to help that programmer would have to agree indigo must stay owned exclusivly by nick.

I am not sure what Nick has in mind for the future of indigo but I would prefer that at least some version be always free.


Posted: Tue Nov 14, 2006 7:17 am
by oodmb
that sounds really good, although it would be even better if the source code was released with an encrypted lisence that allowed for the source code to be eddited and compiled, but always have nick's virtual signature. i am not sure if this is possible however.

if you are worried about coppyright issues, there is one fully sure way to coppyright your work before releasing it to the public which is incredibly easy and allowed by the courts. what you should do is burn a cd of the source files along with the program, print out the pages of source code, and mail it to yourself. then you can release the source code to the general public with freedom and without worry of coppyright issues. the source code can have a freedom to edit lisence but not freedom to distribute without credits to you.