Making an image the background??

General questions about Indigo, the scene format, rendering etc...
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Post by Pibuz » Thu Jun 19, 2008 3:19 am

I find, indeed, that the city background has a really good-matching hue with your sun/sky system! Very nice! :D

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Post by Borgleader » Thu Jun 19, 2008 4:50 am

Darn thats nice! You are going to re-render this with a higher resolution right? Its an awesome shot.

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Post by redbyte » Thu Jun 19, 2008 10:03 am

Thanks guys :D
Yeah I'm going to re-render it with a higher resolution. But first I've gotta add a few 'home touches' like cushions, magazines, jacket hanging off couch and a cutout of a sexy lady on the balcony :lol:

For those interested the house is based off this image that I scanned from an architectural magazine:
The real house is somewhere in San Jose I think. Took my breath away as soon as I saw it.

I'll post up the finished result soon.

Thanks for the help guys 8)

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Post by delic » Sat Jun 21, 2008 2:35 am

I would suggest to calculate the scene with the textured background plane(to have reflections), then hide it and calculate the alpha map, to composite it afterwards in toshop.

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