*arghh* Indigo fatal error while building mesh kd-tree :P ;)

General questions about Indigo, the scene format, rendering etc...
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*arghh* Indigo fatal error while building mesh kd-tree :P ;)

Post by psor » Wed Aug 23, 2006 6:49 am

I've been playing around and exported a "simple" scene with 744960
tris - thanx U3dreal for the performance of your exporter - Indigo
loads the .xml file and ... *shabang*

Code: Select all

Using 1 thread(s).
random number seed: 13373
scene file path: '*blah*\scenes\/xyz.xml'
Using working directory path '*blah*\scenes\'.
created world.
Loading Scene '*blah*\scenes\/xyz.xml'...
Using linear tone mapping with scale=4200000.000000
Using Reinhard tone mapping with pre_scale=2.000000, post_scale=1.000000
Loading lat/long env map '*blah*\scenes\\HDR/xyz.exr'
Camera: white balance = D65, using CIE XYZ chromacity (0.312730, 0.329020)
simple3d mesh vert mem used: 17.051MB (372480 verts)
simple3d mesh tri mem used: 17.051MB (744960 tris)
744960 tris.
temp tris mem usage: 25.576MB
intersect_tris mem usage: 34.102MB
calcing root AABB.
max tree depth: 41
reserving N nodes: 744960(5.684MB)
leafgeom reserved: 2979840(11.367MB)
tri_boxes mem usage: 22.734MB
SceneLoaderExcep: Failed to allocate memory while building mesh kd-tree. Fatal Error: SceneLoaderExcep: Failed to allocate memory while building mesh kd-tree.
I've been watching the taskmanager while this happens and Indigo
was using 740MB ram and 836MB swap as it crashed. So I'm wondering
if there is a hardcoded limit right now. From time to time I get the
3dsmax process up to use 2,4GB of ram/swap without a problem.

So is there a limit for Indigo like 1,6GB of ram even if I use the 3GB
switch? If this is the case, ... I would like to see a 64bit version, or
even better an optimized memory footprint. (erm .. right expression? *LOL*)

System Specs:
AMD Athlon64 3000+ @2,4Ghz; 2GB Ram

Thanx in advance! ;o)

edit: Ok, I reduced the polys to 186240 tris, but it crashes
also ... will investigate more tho. :twisted:

edit 2: Hmm, ... seems to happen if one mesh has that many
tris ... will go on testing a bit more. :P :D ;)

take care

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Post by Beltane » Thu Aug 24, 2006 5:05 am

Ah, kd-trees. Tricky little devils (or big devils in this case). I spent countless hours knocking bugs out of my own tree builder and I've still not eradicated them all. :evil:

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Post by drBouvierLeduc » Thu Oct 12, 2006 12:49 am

I've got the same problem. Did you find any solution since then ?

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