Render Farms for Animation?

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Render Farms for Animation?

Post by roskilla23º » Mon Mar 18, 2019 8:58 pm

Hello guys,

I'm just about to render a huge animation that I've prepared on C4D because each frame takes about 24minutes to render on CPU so Render Farm is the best option right now.

The thing is that I've contacted both render farms available for Indigo and none of them seem to have a huge demand in terms of rendering Indigo stuff.. So what I mainly see is that they're not really prepared for animation renders with indigo.

Rebus needs to upload a PIGS file which is kinda impossible because each PIGS is around 1,2GB. I have 890 frames to render, around a TB to upload..? hmm
Ranch computing don't seem to accept animation projects, I mean yes, but It gives me error every-time and his response was that they receive little little renders from indigo Users so it's tutorial must be outdated by now.

Any other solution?

Thanks in advance!! Cheers,


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Re: Render Farms for Animation?

Post by Zom-B » Wed Mar 20, 2019 10:15 am

Hey roskilla23º,

what kind of animation is this you have here?

The Indigo Exporter for C4D is smart, it exports static meshes only once for each frame.
So after exporting your animation to Indigo, go to "save Queue" and in the dropdown choose "pigq".
This packs your whole animation to a single zipped file.
I have to admit, that I don't know about rebus or Ranch support for such a Q-File, you have to ask them...


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Re: Render Farms for Animation?

Post by Oscar J » Thu Mar 21, 2019 1:51 am

Neither RANCH or Rebus support PIGQ files, for some reason (lack of demand I guess), so it's rather impractical to render Indigo animations on render farms.


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Re: Render Farms for Animation?

Post by zeitmeister » Thu Mar 28, 2019 6:15 pm

Long export times are caused by several triggers.

- Do you use motion blur? Try to decrease subsamples as low as possible
- Try to convert all non-Indigo-native shaders to textures (f.e. layer-shaders, C4D noises, ...)
- If parts of your scene are not animated, export them to a seperate IGS and include them later hard-coded into your main IGS (<include_scenepath>, try the forum search)
- use render instances whenever possible
- merge all procedural meshes or generators to static editable meshes

I‘d bet that one ore some of these optimizations will increase your export times tremendeously

Good luck!
Cheers, David

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