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Post by ErichBoehm » Wed Apr 15, 2020 1:03 pm

I hope everyone here is staying safe in these troubled times. Really appreciate the work the Indigo team has put into this. Just wanted to send this over as it may help.

I have noticed Indigo has begins to show major stability issues when changes are being made over hours. I am working with a big scene for fun, and the "local material database" stopped working an hour or so in, instead just displaying a blank grey window. And then, then when adjusting the bump map Indigo crashed, dumping all my work out the window. If there is one thing you take away from all this, it would be an "autosave and an "undo" redo history feature.

What about a "replace object" feature that lets you swap out pieces of your scene with updated iterations? Or better yet, it could work like "place object" in Illustrastor, updating objects as changes are made and the files are saved over.

Error message here : https://pastecode.xyz/view/fc8f908c

Just think about the opportunity there is. If some of these simple features were added, Indigo has a lot to bring to the market. Most rendering solutions are aimed at Hollywood and cost thousands. Just think of the attention from small companies who can't afford such expensive tools and education.

A few hours later, and I have just ran into bug after bug. Indigo studio is borderline unusable for me. No GPU rendering or noise reduction turned on, and the "Scene" window completely bugged out when I detached it and the "docking" feature stopping working. All the info in the window disappeared. I tried "reseting" but that did nothing, leaving me no option to restart the render. And then, when I tried to restart, dragging the icon for bump over the diffuse texture thumbnail caused an instant crash. My scene is really not that big. 280,000 triangles. Someone on the team really needs to do some Q&A.

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