Indigo OpenCL the fastest PB Renderer out there?

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Re: Indigo OpenCL the fastest PB Renderer out there?

Post by Silverwing » Fri Jan 20, 2017 12:55 am

Oh thats discussion is really cool. Nice to see so many taking part and also keeping it really civilized!
Originalplan® wrote:@Silwerwing has chosen pinhole camera that turns of DOF completely so Maxwell have speed advantage here too.
Yes I have chosen to do so because I want to strip away everything that is not directly involved in the glass calculation. I have also done so for other renderers. Indigo was the only one not letting me :p

I am with you in the regard that Indigo to me looks most photographic when it comes to sharpness and pixel sampling. Maxwell is not that bad. But it looks really sharp.

I can render a Maxwell version with 0 roughness and DOF if you want to have a even closer comparison.
burnin wrote:Besides little sharpness (you can't disable dof in indigo) and exposure I really can't see difference... Indeed between Indigo PT and MX bidir difference is huge, but between these two...?

Generally most of the renderers produced really similar results with the roughness being 0. Only with higher roughness values the results for every renderer diverge more and more.

Have not tried this test with I-Ray yet. Maybe I should :-)
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