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Fuzz Testing and Winter

Posted: Mon Jun 08, 2015 12:38 pm
by Headroom
I am not sure how many users have read the recent blog entry by onosendai.
It start by saying that it's a technical blog article and possibly only be interesting for a programmer.

With the exception of the little bit of C++ for embedded micro controllers I don't program much and I find that statement not true. In fact I found the article fascinating as it allows a little glimpse behind the scenes what it takes to take a product like Indigo to be the product it is today.

However, one of the most interesting pieces of information is hidden following the link to the presentation PDF introducing some of the concepts behind Winter, which is a derivative of the I dig out Shader Language ISL for more general science timid and engineering purposes.
I find it particularly interesting in that it supports a multithreaded approach and GPU support.

I find that particularly exciting!

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