indigo set up n start renderfarm.

General questions about Indigo, the scene format, rendering etc...
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indigo set up n start renderfarm.

Post by godpurenoob » Mon Feb 25, 2013 1:20 am

to confirm, for setting up 3d max, all i need to do is follow the step according to, ... ng-started

and a question is how do i import the image to indigo to render or i just start normal render in 3d max, is there any extra setting to do? like starting the network render??

and for maya, i dun really understand what the step means,

Download the latest Mayigo: Download Link
Extract the MtI archive content anywhere on disk.
Start Maya.
Open the Script Editor (Window > General Editors > Script Editor)
Source the file "mti_Installation.mel" you just copied on disk (Script Editor > File > Source Script...)
At this stage MtI should be installed, seek for the Indigo shelf. (from there on i dun understand, as for above is all right)
Upon request: browse to the Indigo installation folder.

btw i heard that mlt is currently broken at the moment><, and how do i do render farm if it was maya instead of 3dmax?

thx in advance and sry for broken english

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