interesting benchmark results

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interesting benchmark results

Post by kwejk » Sun Sep 18, 2011 7:43 pm

Hi all!
i ran some 5 minute testrenders on my workstation with the new indigo 3 trail version today.
tested pathtrace vs pathtrace with GPU on the Caterpillar and Pintest scenes.
Got some very interesting results!

pathtrace = 5m 56 s/px, 138900 s/sec
pathtrace GPU = 5m 309 s/px, 720424 s/sec (fastest)

pathtrace = 5m 1428 s/px, 2282538 s/sec (fastest)
pathtrace GPU = 5m 534 s/px, 853952 s/sec
pathtrace MTL = 5m 958 s/px 1530646 s/sec

my specs are:
2 x Xeon X5670 @ 2.93GHz
(total 24 logical processors)
24gb RAM
Quadro 4000
running Win 7 Pro SP1

I did not expect GPU to speed up Caterpillar and slow down Pintest. also MTL was a little slower on Pintest.

I figured maybe the CPU's sen't to many rayhits to my GPU so it could not handle them all?
and because Caterpilar is a simple scene my GPU was more able to speed thing up?
But this does not explain to me why MTL also was a little slower then just pure pathtrace.

Of course one must choose the right metod on a scene basis. I'm just curious why the results came out this way on my system.
Simply trying to get my head around this :)

Hopefully some of you guys hacan explain this to me?


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