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Borgleader's quick guide to IRC:

1) What is IRC?
IRC stands for "Instant Relay Chat", what does it mean for you? Simple, it's a channel (or "chat room") where people can talk much like you would on MSN/AIM/...

2) Why IRC?
The forums are great but sometimes when you have questions that would involve a discussion with someone else or that are really really simple an IRC channel is a little better suited.

3) So I should ditch the forums then?
NO, use both :)

4) Ok but how?
To use IRC you need an IRC client, now there are multiple options out there here are a few:
An in browser IRC chat nothing to install all you have to do is:
- click "server", and enter ""
- enter a nickname in the "Nick" box
- enter "#indigo" in the channel box
- Click go!
Again allows you to view the IRC channel in your browser (Firefox only), what you need to do is:
- Tools --> Chatzilla
- in the text box (at the bottom):
type "/server"
type "/join #indigo"
Standalone chat application which allows you to connect to a bunch of services including IRC:
- follow the tutorial here: ... idgin_gaim
(to be honest I've never used pidgin unlike the first two options so that's why I'm using someone else as a reference)
there are a lot of other options (trillian and mirc come to mind) and for most/all of these, the login process can be automated but I'll let you look that up on your own :)

5) I'm scared of blind dates, what does IRC look like? (The example was taken in Chatzilla but it's similar in all cases)
(Click for large version, 1680x1050)

P.S: If you find some information is lacking/unclear or find mistakes the guide please PM so I can make it better.

benn hired a mercenary to kill my sig...

Well, all of a sudden has decided I can't connect anymore. Why aren't we using a more common irc network with multiple servers, like, or even efnet?


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I did not setup the channel itself, so I can't answer.

benn hired a mercenary to kill my sig...

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