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in 3D World - November 2017 - Page 28
here is an exerpt

GPU unbiased engines, such as OTOY’s Octane and Indigo Renderer, have transformed unbiased rendering by dramatically improving render times while keeping the essentials of interactive render previews, which are also
accelerated. Nicholas Chapman, managing director of Glare Technologies, who makes Indigo, explains: “Indigo itself was started back in the late 2000s, based on code and research that I was doing on Monte Carlo path tracers. I was fascinated by the way such realistic images could be generated with such relatively simple algorithms. “In 2011, with Indigo 3.0, we added support for offloading raytracing to the GPU via CUDA
and OpenCL. It became clear to us that a full GPU rendering solution (materials, raytracing, lighting etc, all running on the GPU) was needed to exploit the performance available with GPUs. We started to work on that, and now it’s available with the release of Indigo 4.0. “This development has been worth it as Indigo now renders approximately ten times faster on the GPU, and that speedup increases when more GPUs are added!”

it just missing the portrait :)

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