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Grasshopper for Mac!

Posted: Tue Jan 19, 2016 1:27 pm
by contegufo

Good news ... l-releases

McNeel & Associates quietly releases early WIP of Grasshopper for Mac inside latest Rhino for Mac WIP (work in progress).

Robert McNeel & Associates, the developer of the highly regarded and extremely popular Rhino for 3D modeling and design, has announced a new Rhino Mac WIP (work in progress) that includes the first release for use of a WIP version of Grasshopper for Mac.

Huge Demand for Grasshopper on Mac

The big news comes sans press release of any kind and is entirely typical of the software developer with regards to its continuous WIP evolutions.

Grasshopper for Mac has been under development for sometime, as noted earlier on Architosh when the first official commercial release of Rhino for Mac was announced back last summer. Since September of 2015, those wanting a fully battle-tested, commercial worthy release of Rhino on Mac have been able to acquire it just like the Windows version of Rhino.