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subdivision_smoothing not smoothing UVs ?

Posted: Fri May 01, 2009 6:55 am
by CTZn
As demonstrated in the linked video, the face is properly smoothed but its original UVs remain untouched; this I think is unwanted, UVs should be smoothed as well as geometry (if that makes sense) prior to displacement; that should normally remove the issues encountered atm on border UVs and allow them to match even after subdivision occurs.


Perhaps smoothing UVs could be an option (on by default plz).
Wich lead me to that request that may be discussed with other developers:

Making all displacement optimisations false by default (specially view_dependent_subdivision), so a standard "subsurf" would result from applying subdivision_smoothing in first instance.

Optimisations are scene dependent and should not be forced by default I believe.
Bah, nevermind this point :) Until the recent thread with The Unknown I had missed view_dependent_subdivision, it's managed now in MtI (it's set to true if subdivide_pixel_threshold is used, false otherwise). I have only subdivide_curvature_threshold left to manage now.

Thank you Ono.