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Hi all,

I am fairly new to Indigo but I have come to like this programa lot. I seem to have run into a little problem, I cannot explain or get rid of.

In this Blender-scene, a rough sketch of a room, there seems to be some dark band on the wall, which only occurs in indigo. In blender itself or in povray it is not visible. There are no duplicate faces or anything there (well, if there are, I am blind on some strange spot - I looked at the mesh for hours :-). I use the 0.6-beta-version of indigo (with the 0.6-exporter for blender) but tried the 0.5-version also (with the 0.5-exporter) - the dark band still remains.


The blend file can be downloaded with quicksharing
or here with ohshare

and the xml - file - export for indigo is here
and here as well

Is this a bug or a problem with the exporter or a problem of my model?
There should be no duplicate vertices or such. I am really at a loss here -
most likely due to my inexperience :oops:
And I hope the links work, never tried such upload services before :roll:

So thanks for your time in any case,

will try that.
Thanks for the quick reply


- did try it today - and it sadly did not help :(

Here is an overlay with the scene. I have done the new plane in blue by duplicating the source plane and then splitting it. The dark bank still persists on the new plane. It should not be a mesh-error since it is not constrained to a particulare face. Instead it only paints about one third of the face black - the rest is "pretty" normal :P


Maybe it has something to do with angle or anything? I am not too sure, that it is an exporter-issue since it is not a mesh-problem (as far as I can deduct it). If there is another idea to solve this problem - I would be gratefull if you could share it...

Anyway, the rest of the picture looks great :-)

Thanks again for your time!


check out the normals of your house mesh (Cube.001). They are compleately wrong :x (also because of the object scale).
1. Object mode: Transform - Apply Scale/Rotation
2. Edit Mode: Edit - Normals - Recalculate Outside
after this two steps your normals should be ok... my render looks right now :D :wink:


Thank you very much. I must admit, I never knew that method.
So it was after all a noobie problem, though in the wrong programme :oops:


:D :wink:
the exporter could recalculate the normals itself, but this would cost some processing time on every export (as the exporter isn't the fastest yet... i prefer not)

No, the exporter is working like a charm and I do not believe in exporters ironing out user errors - though it would have saved me some time :-)

But of course, it could be implemented as a boolean option to turn on or off for the particular exporting-operation. Sort of like a button "In case of any strange dark band behaviour try pressing here :)". I mean, I do not know how many times the export is prolonged by these calculations but making it optional wouldnt hurt those who do not need it 8)

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