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[REQ] +1 preset setting

Post by Originalplan® » Thu Aug 04, 2016 2:57 am

With the v4 release material editing became MUCH more flexible. Thanks to the little progressive window that shows the updates instantly.

So..... sometimes i would love to go and just create and tweek materials inside Indigo.
BUT for that i need to rearrange the whole window setup.
( i turn off the middle render window ) But the problem is that there is no way of saving that layout only for mat creation. So when i have to render out a scene i have to BACK arrange the the windows or just reset the layout....but than again i have to do it from the beginning if i just want to edit a mat. (never ending loop 8) )

So i'm proposing a layout or a switching panel ( or something ) that makes mat edits more simple.
Just via the UI. Like standard / Material edit layout.
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