Batch file to overwrite Renderer / background / camera?

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Batch file to overwrite Renderer / background / camera?

Post by vr360 » Sat Jun 13, 2015 11:46 pm

Hi All,
I find myself more often than not, having to manually change parameters in Indigo rendere's main window to get the final output I need. Not so much of a problem, until you find yourself having to this about 200 times! (for a 200 frame animation export)

The IndigoRT plugin for iclone is what i'm talking about.
There is no easy way to get *exact same* angle, lighting or camera location from the plugin.
So, what has to be done is
1) Start a test render of the exported IGI / IGS scene.
2) Manipulate background/lighting/Camera etc in Indigo,
3) Then resave the IGS file and copy the first half of the IGS file to overwrite the original exported IGI/IGS frames that are output from the iclone /Indigo plugin.

I guess what I'm asking is, does anyone have WIndows Batch file skills to do this:

a) A bat file to scan through a folder full of IGS files..say render_1.igs Render_2.igs....render_100.igs
2) Then look for the first occurrence of the tag/text <metadata> in the file and delete all text preceding that tag.
3) Then, paste the contents of a previously copied block of xml from the clipboard (the new tweaked settings) into the file from the first line in the file render_1.igs - So basically the clipboard text is replacing the previously deleted block in render_1.igs file.
4) Once that is done, the .bat file would go down to the next file in the folder and repeat steps 2 and 3 until it reaches the end of the folder. (file Render_100.igs)

The reason to have to do it this way, is because each frames IGS file references a unique instance of the Geometry and materials.. (yes, it takes sometime 3 hours to just export these individual non rendered! frames)
A very awkward workflow, but hopefully Indigo Renderer finds a way like Octane etc does when plugging into 3D software.

Alternatively, as a suggestion - There should be a tick box switch in the IndigoRT renderer window to overwrite any settings found in the IGS or IGI xml files.
This will spare people the nightmare when rendering animation with Indigo Renderer.

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