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A few suggestions

Post by kadajawi » Sun Aug 12, 2012 1:52 am

Hello everyone, hello Glare team.

A few suggestions, maybe they have been implemented somewhere but I couldn't find it:
1. Have a "retrieve all" button on the master client when doing network renderings. This would be especially useful if you want to/have to wrap up a rendering. Better than waiting 10, 20, 30 minutes until they submit the data, and then the next computer has lots of data by then... For example I'd like to use the renderer in a time critical environment. Sometimes the rendering has to be done in 45 minutes, so it would be great if all computers can render for 45 minutes, I retrieve what they have done so far and wrap it up.
2. Have a "purge data" on the slave client to push all the computer has rendered so far to the master. Useful when this computer has to stop rendering, is to be restarted etc.
3. Background rendering: Why doesn't it set itself to idle? That way the computer wouldn't be slowed down.
4. It would be awesome if we could specify (on the rendering) an area that needs more calculations. i.e. if everything is fine, except for the area around a glass table, then it would be a waste to have the rest be calculated again and again and again. Just draw a square over the area that needs more work, and it should clear up much faster. Or is there anything wrong with my thinking? Of course this may mean that there is a clearly visible line that one area is clearer than the rest, but for that some sort of feathering could be used. i.e. the area around the square could be cleared up a bit too, but not as much. That would make it less obvious.
5. The new feature of removing walls just in Indigo got me thinking: How about being able to shoot through a wall? i.e. when doing an interior scene I may not have enough space to place a camera without using a very extreme wide angle lens (which would distort the image too much), but what if I could shoot through the wall that is blocking the way, but the wall would still be visible in mirrors, light would still bounce off it etc. That could be a pretty useful feature... although I think the others would be just as important, and probably easier to implement.

Anyway, just suggestions. Feel free to use them or not (although I'd be glad if you do).

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