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Save automatically different light combinaison after render

Posted: Mon Oct 17, 2011 5:37 pm
by fbrunell

I am currently working on a project and thought of a single simple function that would make my project render in 1 month instead of 4!!!

I have a scene with 3 different light source : Environnement, Neon Lights and Spots. I am making a small animation going through this room but I need to flip, during the flyby, between different light combinaison.

It would be VEEEERY sweet to have the possibility to have Indigo save an image for each combinaison of light layers On and Off once the render is completed (before going to render the next image). Ex:
- Pic0001_all All layers
- Pic0001_default Default layer only
- Pic0001_Layer1 Layer 1 only
- Pic0001_Layer2 Layer 2 only

This is obviously not really necessary in single image renders but in animation render, it's a completely different story!

Not sure but I think that adding this function would not be too complicated. What would be absolutely fantastic would be to have a way of telling exactly which layer combinaisons are required. (In my example it could also let us add mixed combinaison. For example Layer1 AND Layer2 at the same time but not the default.

Just a thought!