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A couple ideas

Post by Pibuz » Fri Sep 16, 2011 8:58 pm

Hi guys!
I'm currently working on a project which includes several views of the same model, so I'm playing around with the render queue options. I find that it'd be handy if we had the possibility to "move" the listed igs elements, with "up" and "down" buttons.
Could be cool if Indigo remembered the last picked path to load the igs for the queue too: it is a little annoyng to restart from the default Indigo export folder every time.

Playing around with the queue, I also noticed that the halt time is not remembered by Indigo: I specified 4500spp in the exporter options, but in the render queue I saw -1, so I had to re-set all the scenes. Is this a bug?

Last but not least, I think next thing to be fixed should be the preservation of the colour and power gain of every light source, after the export. At the moment, whichever is the light layer's colour and gain in the modeling app, Indigo shows by default the RGB tab (even if in sketchup I set my light to be 4500K and not an RGB source), and if I switch to temperature tab, I have default 6000K and gain1.

If I set a light to be 7000K in Sketchup, should be neat to directly have the same value once the scene is exported.

I noticed another strange behaviour: I set a light to be 7000K in Sketchup, I export and render. While Indigo is running, I fiddle with the temperature and find that 4000K would fit better in the scene. I stop the render and set my emitter to be 4000K. If I re-launch the render, the light is different from the result of the fiddling operations!

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