[BUG] Saving an packing scene issues (3.0.12)

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[BUG] Saving an packing scene issues (3.0.12)

Post by zeitmeister » Wed Jul 20, 2011 3:02 am

I noticed two things:

- When saving a scene which was modified in Indigo GUI, the names of the light layers disappear and are being replaced by "layer 0", "layer 1" etc.; formerly named as "Sun" and "Sky", for example

- light layers temperature an gain are not being saved

... further, I got some strange issues here with network rendering:
Indigo doesn't seem to like modifiying the scene in the GUI while rendering in network mode. Especially fast clicks and changes cause the nodes to shut down, or telling something about a "Write Error".
I don't want to replicate that error for now since they seem to render properly at the moment … :)
Cheers, David

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