Rafco Tower UPDATED

Show off your final renders
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Rafco Tower UPDATED

Post by StompinTom » Thu Feb 07, 2008 3:59 am

hey all
here are the final renderings for the Rafco Office Tower thats going up in Kuwait sometime soon. hopefully this is the final iteration, weve been doin a bunch of changes and im sort of going broke.


tower imported from a SketchUp model, heavily modified in Blender, environment modelled/textured in Blender, postwork in Photoshop to composite backgrounds and tone the image.

comments/crits appreciated!
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Post by suvakas » Thu Feb 07, 2008 4:09 am

Very cool !! :shock:
I like the 3rd shot a lot. Is it Indigo? If yes, then how did you do the reflections? Any textured planes or is it just models around the building?

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Post by Vanessa07 » Thu Feb 07, 2008 4:22 am

:shock: Great job :shock:

On the third, city looks a bit "polluted" :?

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Post by drBouvierLeduc » Thu Feb 07, 2008 4:28 am

superb renders !

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Post by metapixel » Thu Feb 07, 2008 4:36 am

Fantastic StompinTom :shock:

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Post by Kram1032 » Thu Feb 07, 2008 5:33 am

Amazing work!
I like them all :D
A lot of improvements from the version before this one.

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Post by Marcofly » Thu Feb 07, 2008 7:19 am

a top work!!! i like the view from above!

Ciao!! :wink:

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Post by BbB » Thu Feb 07, 2008 8:02 am

Very nice lighting. Warm and rich. Glowing stuff.

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Post by pxl666 » Thu Feb 07, 2008 8:02 am

yapp - thats really impressing work. die mental ray...die...

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Post by Wedge » Thu Feb 07, 2008 12:18 pm

Great work Tom! :)
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Post by doublez » Thu Feb 07, 2008 12:39 pm

Great work, they all look good.

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Post by Olis » Thu Feb 07, 2008 7:36 pm

Fantastic renders!
Good to see some commercial work being done wiyh Indigo :wink:

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Post by pxl666 » Thu Feb 07, 2008 8:55 pm

can u share scene/lighting setup??

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Post by Pinko5 » Thu Feb 07, 2008 10:10 pm

WOOOWWW StompinTom great work!!!

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Post by StompinTom » Sat Feb 09, 2008 2:52 am

thanks a lot guys!

all the renderings are with Indigo, of course. the buildings right around the tower are all modelled, just quick generic block buildings i threw together to give it some context. the ones in the aerial shot are all modeled too, as well as the streets and trees and such.

the lighting setup is just the sun/sky system with a pretty high turbidity (4.8 or something like that) to give it that dusty, desert feel.

toughest part was definitely tweaking the night shot and getting it to look reasonably realistic while keeping some of the drama and flashiness. came out ok, i think, but its definitely something i need to work on.

thanks again for all the comments!

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