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Comments and criticisms would be appreciated! I'm constrained in the composition of the scenes, since this is an actual property. (I'll attach some aerial shots of it.)

google-earth-aerial-e-up.jpg [ 1.17 MiB | Viewed 622 times ]
google-earth-aerial-all-of-silver-lake.jpg [ 1.25 MiB | Viewed 622 times ]
art_day_exterior_lot_lower_from_hill_above_dock_to_e_2017_03_18.jpg [ 2.65 MiB | Viewed 622 times ]
art_day_exterior_lot_mid_at_lower_rock_garden_from_nne_to_ssw_2017_02_07.jpg [ 2.57 MiB | Viewed 622 times ]
art_day_exterior_lot_lower_hill_from_steps_to_ene_2017_03_18.jpg [ 2.65 MiB | Viewed 622 times ]
art_day_exterior_lot_lower_from_s_lakeshore_to_n_2017_03_18.jpg [ 2.21 MiB | Viewed 622 times ]
art_day_exterior_lot_lower_from_center_to_s_2017_02_21.jpg [ 2.5 MiB | Viewed 622 times ]
art_day_exterior_lot_lower_from_center_of_shoreline_to_wnw_2017_03_05.jpg [ 2.7 MiB | Viewed 622 times ]
art_day_exterior_dock_from_w_to_e_2017_03_18.jpg [ 2.24 MiB | Viewed 622 times ]
art_day_exterior_lot_from_lake_in_front_of_dock_to_wnw_2017_03_07.jpg [ 2.4 MiB | Viewed 622 times ]

The Riedelian Law of Productivity: Every task will take twice as long as expected -- even if the Riedelian Law of Productivity is taken into account.
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Nice detailing and composition overall, with a little bit of work this could turn out really good.

I'm going to point out a few things that I think need some attention, please take this as constructive criticism as relatively minor tweaks could vastly improve your images. :)

The main thing that stands out to me are the colours in the scene. If you're working on a render, I'd recommend checking how it looks in black and white every now and then. If the render looks a lot better in B&W than in colour, there's definitely something off with the colours.

In your particular case it's mainly two things IMO: an overall over-saturated image, and vegetation that have colours/textures that don't match well. They have radically different hue and saturation values, and I'd try to pull the colours a lot closer together.

I have attached a quick post-pro attempt in Photoshop to illustrate what I mean, although all of these things could of course be done in the scene itself.

* The first thing I've done is a bit of a trick, really. I have pulled the "Hue" values of the yellows (mainly the grass) slightly towards green, and then pulled the hues of the greens (mainly the small pine tree) slightly towards yellow. That way the colours match better. In similar fashion, I've then desaturated and darkened the reds to give the bridge a more natural colour.

* Then I desaturated the whole image by a fair bit, and instead boosted the brightness and contrast significantly, to prevent the image from looking washed out.

* Lastly I added some vignette, to give the natural focal point of the image some extra attention.

Please feel free not to agree with these things! Also let me know if you want the .psd file for my edit to have a closer look (don't know how handy you are with post production).

Keep it up! :)

art_day_exterior_lot_lower_from_s_lakeshore_to_n_2017_03_18postpro.jpg [ 2.46 MiB | Viewed 610 times ]

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As always, thanks for taking the time to provide such detailed and helpful advice! People like you make posting and blogging online worthwhile.

Yes, very good advice. Looking at the renderings before posting them, I too felt that they looked unrealistic, at least compared to interior renders that I've done. They look like water-color paintings.

Looking at photographs of the subject matter that I'm modeling, you're quite correct: there isn't much variation between the greens. (See postings below.)

I understand that the problem is with the hue and saturation of all materials. I have perhaps 30 different plant/tree models, from different sources. Fortunately, there aren't too many different materials in each. I'll try going back to the source, and color balancing these.

Yes, it would be great if you could share the .psd file. My email is


hill-side-by-side.jpg [ 2.79 MiB | Viewed 605 times ]
dock-side-by-side.jpg [ 3.69 MiB | Viewed 605 times ]

The Riedelian Law of Productivity: Every task will take twice as long as expected -- even if the Riedelian Law of Productivity is taken into account.
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