Indigo for Revit Newsletter October 2010

Announcements, requests and support regarding Indigo for Revit
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Indigo for Revit Newsletter October 2010

Post by OnoSendai » Fri Oct 08, 2010 4:44 pm

In this newsletter:

* Indigo for Revit Beta 4 Released
* Introductory Pricing
* Indigo for Revit Introduction Video

Indigo for Revit Beta 4 Released with Revit 2011 Support

You can download the Indigo for Revit Beta 4 here:

Glare Technologies is proud to announce an updated beta of Indigo
for Revit, with many improvements and new features!

Revit 2011 is now supported, bringing cutting-edge unbiased
rendering to this platform. Through the new Revit 2011 interface
Indigo can also directly use the sun position, obtaining a
perfect match with your scene.

A brand new feature of the recently released Indigo Renderer 2.6,
architectural glass acceleration, is supported in this version
of Indigo for Revit. This rendering mode dramatically improves
the speed at which images converge to a clean result, a huge
productivity win. It is enabled by default in this release, and
therefore Indigo 2.6 is required to use it.

The newly added material inspector makes it easy to select
materials belonging to an element, and the material editor has
been made easier to use.

This release also brings many important improvements and fixes,
such as better support for non-English versions of Revit, better
support for texturing and environment maps, dialogs are now
easily closed by hitting escape, colour filters for light
sources are now supported, among many other improvements.

As part of the Indigo 2.4 release, we offer floating licences and
discounts for educational use. Floating licences are extremely
useful in medium to large deployments, where computers on a
network are licensed on a first-come-first-serve basis as
opposed to being locked to a particular computer.

Network rendering is also greatly improved in Indigo 2.4 with the
introduction of the Network Manager. This simple yet powerful
coordination program manages the connections between masters and
slaves on a network, balancing the workload and simplifying the
workflow - just click render and let the Network Manager handle
the rest!

For more information about the Indigo 2.4 improvements, please

Introductory Pricing

For a limited time we will be offering Indigo for Revit at a
special price of €595, discounted from the normal €695 which
will be made effective following the first stable release.

Click here to purchase Indigo for Revit now:

Indigo for Revit Introduction Video

A short promotional video introducing the basic Indigo for Revit
workflow and features can be found on YouTube.

To see the video click here:


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