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Relative or Absolute Spectral Data?

Posted: Fri Apr 28, 2017 7:01 am
by ArielLyn43

I was thinking about calibrating my spectrometer when I realized I don't know if Indigo benefits from absolute spectral data (Tabed Data).

To clarify, a spectrometer can be calibrated against a NIST light source of know power to yield data that is weighted by watts / power (absolute) or against a light source of know color temperature / spectral profile to yield a profile of a tested light expressed as a percentage (relative 1-100%)

So my question is:

Is Indigo set up to except one type of spectral weighting or can it handle both? More to the point, does indigo automatically attempt to use spectral data to set levels of intensity (watts or lumen) or does it just treat all spectral data as relative profiles?

Thanks in advance...