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skindigo: linked igm issues

Posted: Thu Nov 24, 2016 11:04 am
by jeanpierrepuissant
Hello dear members.

In sketchup, I use "linked igm" to attribute material and it renders perfectly until I need to edit/save this modified material via "open in indigo" tool from the material editor of skindigo.

After editing material in indigo, I save via "save material".
I then close indigo and go back automatically to sketchup.
When I then run a render, indigo opens with a warning window saying cannot find material texture in ... folder.

Careful reading of the message provide me some clues : path referred in the warning message seems to point to 2 times the correct path. "Cannot find in appdata/.../C:/appdata/.../C:" !

Does anyone has a explanation, coutermeasure?

Best regards.

Skindigo latest version (november)
Indigo 4.0.46.
Sketchup pro 2016.