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ISL Question

Posted: Tue Mar 24, 2015 3:29 am
by riley1389
So, let me preface this by stating that I've been attempting to teach myself ISL for months now, and at this point, I've pretty much accepted that it's just not going to happen. I now how to do functions and the like, I just don't understand anything else about the language... But I digress

My question -- Is there an ISL shader that would take/reference a specific texture map; i.e. Bump, Displacement, Normal and then disperse and tile that pattern across the entirety of an object even if said object was not yey UV mapped? If there isn't, is it something that's possible? Because I've used Zbrush's Surface Noise generator tool, and it is able to that; although thr tiling can become a bit distorted when projected onto oddly angled faces.

It seems like it would make life a little easier.

Thanks to all who have taken the time to read through my babbling and have a wonderful day!

Re: ISL Question

Posted: Wed Mar 25, 2015 5:45 am
by CTZn
honestly I will not attempt to do this myself, but if the object is not to bear UV mapping then one would need a 3d shader.

galinette's millimetric graduation shader might be a starting point, though I understand that saying this will not help you... if I'm even close to correct in the first place.

Re: ISL Question

Posted: Tue May 05, 2015 5:50 am
by FakeShamus
Hi, I think this sort of accomplishes what you are looking for - I have been playing around to get something similar for a while...

it only wraps the texture nicely around the horizontal circumference and gets more distorted top and bottom (it's basically a cylindrical mapping), but it's a start. it probably works best if you make sure the origin of your object is pretty much centered on its geometry

someone with better understanding of the math can probably make this repeat seamlessly and maybe even project more like spherical coordinates, but I haven't figured those things out yet.

Re: ISL Question

Posted: Thu May 07, 2015 11:38 pm
by CTZn
Hey I have been trying to figure out the maths for a radial ramp but I am not familiar enough with the vector tools.

This is about as close as I could get:
Nice one indeed FakeShamus !