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Posted: Thu Nov 09, 2006 12:50 am
by skypa
Impressive. :)

Posted: Thu Nov 09, 2006 12:53 am
by OnoSendai
Wow.. i'm (pleasantly) surprised that worked!

Posted: Thu Nov 09, 2006 1:40 am
by ibalouka
very impressive :shock:

Posted: Thu Nov 09, 2006 2:16 am
by lego
sigh I tried installing ghamachi (graphical frontend), but I get this error
ghamachi: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

obviously I have gtk 2.0 dev installed :(

I setup a shared folder, if anyone succed to see and open it, let me know please :)

Posted: Thu Nov 09, 2006 2:51 am
by manitwo
:shock: wohoooo :D

Posted: Thu Nov 09, 2006 12:35 pm
by ibalouka
well, i tried to get in.
the network (indigorenderer) is full... :cry:
max users possible for the free version are 16... :x

or i did somthing stupid...?

Posted: Thu Nov 09, 2006 4:24 pm
by kououken
No, I'M the one who did something stupid. :( I never knew about the Hamachi limitation.. Apparently the network is "full" once 16 different users have logged on once.. Not even at the same time, just total. This makes it pretty useless to a community of users. I'll look into some other options.. maybe some good free software, like openVPN.

The optical fiber render cleaned up very quickly.. only ran for a few hours. It would be interesting to add a slight scattering of light to the glass (not 100% perfect glass) and maybe the fiber would glow slightly. Add some animation and maybe make one of those color-cycling fiber-ball things you see in curio shops.. now if only I had 100 friends to loan me their computers' processing power. :wink:

Posted: Thu Nov 09, 2006 8:32 pm
by ibalouka
kououken wrote: I'll look into some other options.. maybe some good free software, like openVPN.
i hope we will find the way...the idee is great :twisted: :D
anyway, the cost of the service is 3.5$ a's not a big thing
and u can have max 240 users.:shock:
maybe we can arrange some Indigo users...


Posted: Thu Nov 09, 2006 10:48 pm
by jdp
I tried and succeed to log in with my mac pro, but I was not able to install wine+indigo (mostly because of my lazyness)... I will try later at home...

Posted: Sun Nov 12, 2006 10:14 pm
by kaizen
Well, I'm a sketchup modeller and I don't use IndigoRenderer (at the moment :wink: ); but sometimes I visit the webpage, looking for breathtaking images.

This gridcomputing is THE BIG IDEA: somedays I left my PC downloading and I don't matter to share my CPU. Surfing in the net for a while I founded in -> A gnutella clone with share-processor hability. -> "software framework that allows you to painlessly aggregate the computing power of networked machines into a virtual supercomputer".

Both have a screensaver option (like SETI@HOME); but in both a dll is required for the specifical task (indigo rendering), and this exceeds my basic pythonistic skills.


P.D.: :oops: ...with the distributed network rendering a VPN it's sufficient. May be this options are too complicated. Well, when you decide what soft use, put a big link or section in website.

Posted: Sun Jul 20, 2008 5:27 am
by sugokuGENKI

Putting together a DLL that does the following shouldn't be too hard:
1. Queries an online XML file for jobs (hosted on HTTP somewherE)
2. Downloads the relevant files
3. Runs Indigo
4. Can quit Indigo when asked to
5. Does all the other things defined in the grid's specification

If we had such a dll then we could put indigo onto a grid like kaizen mentions and peole could just have indigo rendering as their screensaver. The obvious next step would be to put the render image onto the screen for the screensaver (and perhaps cycle through previous renders that the computer took part in).

Posted: Sun Jul 20, 2008 7:40 am
by PureSpider
Yeah putting the currently rendered image as the screensaver would be lovely... but first the dll ^^

What do u think about a BOINC project?

Posted: Sun Jul 20, 2008 8:19 am
by sugokuGENKI
i had a look at the GPU project (confusing name. here they're referring to a "global" processing unit, i.e. a grid)
they support the use of batch files as projects, which means that writing a dll isn't necessary.

What would people want to see in grid rendering?
If enough people are interested in this maybe we should start a new topic. I'll see how many replies we get over the next couple of days.

Personally I think the idea of an XML file which lists jobs would be preferable. So that you could also have private job lists, e.g. for you and your mates or for a company.

Posted: Sun Jul 20, 2008 8:33 am
by PureSpider
I can host a project list server if anyone wants me to ;)

Posted: Sun Jul 20, 2008 9:13 pm
by BbB
Am I the only one who's not seeing any of these wonderful images?