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Posted: Sat Feb 07, 2009 8:44 am
by CTZn
Hi, this scene was basically a test ground for MtI, but it's also a remenant topic I have so I thought I'll dig into it.

Follows the two latest renders, all textures are basic Maya procedurals, only the leaves and the old wood are tadly more complex shading networks.

Same scene, same lighting scheme, but once the texture was baked at the default MtI resolution (512²) then I set it to 2048².

I'm finding that the low res, although low, has a more realistic output material-wise. So it may not be always a good idea to set high values for fbm octaves (in bump), it becomes too detailed and loses it's affinity with nature.

Again, if I'm making some parallels with ISL I'm just using Maya baked textures.

I'm aiming at good looking, raw and weared materials.

Posted: Sat Feb 14, 2009 3:54 pm
by Tys
Could you bsk and not use that m. abbrvs. and acronyms in this part of the forum? Idk, but idg much oiaa tbh. yk?

/edit, shortnd iab

Posted: Sat Feb 14, 2009 5:32 pm
by CTZn
Okay, that's not to be cryptic but it's way shorter for me than writing Indigo Shading Language or MayaToIndigo, that is depending also on the hour of the day.

Anything you want explained please ask, then you can protest :)

BTW: thanks for reviving the thread :oops: By luck I rendered a grass test yesterday :D

Okay I'll certainly do a better environment than a plane at some point...

Posted: Sat Feb 14, 2009 9:15 pm
by suvakas
wow, cool 8)
Some special Maya tools for grass?
What's the export time for something like this? Instances?

Posted: Sat Feb 14, 2009 9:49 pm
by CTZn
No instances atm, there are 220 unique grass patches, more than 1 million polys :) When I'm happy with grass I'll combine all patches into one object and instance it 3 times in Indigo, rotated +90° each, to multiply density by 4. That is, if I keep that stupid plane...

Both the tree (I'm redoing it) and the grass are modeled with the 'Paint Effects' tool suit, wich allows primarily to simulate a wide range of vegetals (through "paint" strokes that can define geometry). It is a rather unknown fact that Maya is embedding a paiting application (2d/3d).

Grass and ground colors don't match, not sure about the environment I want, gorgeous or sahelian... and finally I may stick with interior renders.

5 or 7 minutes for export, I expect a much faster export when grass patches will be combined into one mesh. That also includes at least 2 proc textures above 2048² to be baked plus some smaller ones.

Posted: Sat Feb 14, 2009 11:42 pm
by Deus
Cool stuff CTZn gotto love massive geometry :)

Posted: Sun Feb 15, 2009 5:52 am
by CTZn
More than my PC... From there I can't grow it much further. Well I hit an exponentially growing setting (branches split) with a total poly limit of 1 million for the tree, and that was too much memory to handle (crash).

Maybe I'm confusing talent with technicity :P

Posted: Thu Feb 19, 2009 4:42 pm
by dmn
maybe more of a droughty scene would allow you to get more interesting objects in with less poly devoted to grass. I think what you have so far looks like adobe or even cliff dwellings, at least before they were ruins.

Posted: Thu Feb 19, 2009 7:02 pm
by CTZn
I think you are right about poly count, it's a real bottleneck for my pc. Though, some tests from suvakas with Maxigo reminded me view-dependent optimizations for grass ;)

Nice spotting, I love these dwellings, similar ones are found in Morocco. Using the local materials for constructions is aligned with my own philosophy on the matter, I think it is best adapted with the local climate.

Modified the plane a bit, my concern was to displace the higher peaks more.

Not very interesting, that was just to create some cheap horizon. Will certainly drop it. Bump setting of dwelling is wrong, uvs seams are visible... this scene is kind of a sandbox :)

Edit: dropped I'll make an effort for not to crowd the server with such bad images :D

Posted: Thu Feb 19, 2009 7:07 pm
by OnoSendai
Can't see that image CTZn.

Posted: Thu Feb 19, 2009 7:12 pm
by CTZn
Because it's ugly :D ? Well the "mountains" are of a boring, uniform gray, not sure you want to see that Ono :)

Annoying tho... I'll save it with a painting application and update. Thanks for reporting.

edit: Updated.

Re: WIPs: CTZn [Ancient dwell and more]

Posted: Thu Apr 16, 2009 2:45 am
by CTZn
I have renamed the thread to imitate Stromberg; I hope you don't mind too much dude... I'm very much doing things for testing purposes and hardly get a thing finished, so I'd better to stick into a tight space :lol:

Coz now MtI can do displacement and bugs related with b and c (bump issues) are fixed !

This scene took 3mn30 to export (405 956 tris in scene), replacing all procedural networks with baked file texture nodes; b and c values are migrating correctly.

The rendering time is 45mn, resolution is 67% of the original. The sun was left by inadvertance, by luck the light could compete (default emission units and big surface) :)

The displaced scene in Indigo has 2 828 943 triangles and some lots of textures for 500MB of usage.

Materials are still rather simple:

lambert for plants, pastoral wall (and c was set against a too strong negative value so there's a gap) and floor, phong for the monolithic stone and specular for the deflector.

Re: WIPs: CTZn [Ancient dwell and more]

Posted: Thu Apr 16, 2009 2:53 am
by suvakas
Lose the sun I'd say :P (if you want crit)
The mood was much better without it.

Otherwise - nice work with the exporter !!
You are making some good progress there.

Re: WIPs: CTZn [Ancient dwell and more]

Posted: Thu Apr 16, 2009 3:08 am
by CTZn
I ask more for critics than people seems to figure it, I'm really fine with critics if not demanding, yes :)

The sun was an accident, one more time I was eager to report hence the image is a test.

About the mood... I fear that was an accident too :lol: after my technical considerations it is pretty lost, I was a bit chocked when I realised that yesterday.

Arteest wanabee or not, I'll restore it !

Thanks for the kind words !

Re: WIPs: CTZn [Ancient dwell and more]

Posted: Thu Apr 16, 2009 3:12 am
by Stromberg
Just flattering that you imitated me :oops:
I think the last render looks quite good, i dont know if i like the sun... i think it looks ok.
The stone and the plants looks nice :wink: