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my last work using indigo some tips please!

Posted: Thu Dec 13, 2018 12:58 am
by Legos2112
hi this are some of my latest renders using indigo

115 files are 3.6 indigo free
116 file are 4.0 indigo free
vespa its 4.0 indigo free
117 files 4.2 indigo trial version

i like the looks of the GI BUT the latest render using 4.2 are faster but dosnt look quiet good, need some tips an advice, i use materials from the gallery. the 3d software its sketchup.
also in the 117 files it dosnt work with gpu open cl options just the cpu, maybe some of the materials.

i used preset fluoresent mid ligth materials in the interior scene and exit portal in the windows, almost all the time i use the ss parsol diamond material for the glass

my computer.
fx 8350
16gb corsair vengece 1666
ati firepro v5900 2gb ddr5

i consider to upgrade my computer to
a ryzen 7 12core
amd navis card 8gb ddr6
but this will happen problably in february.

any tips and help I would appreciate