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Indigo SDK 4.4.1

Posted: Fri Jun 07, 2019 1:34 am
by OnoSendai
Hi all,
Make sure to check out the updated Indigo SDK.pdf in the documentation dir, and also the included IndigoView and IndigoConversion example code!

Windows - ... K_4.4.1.7z
OS X - ... _4.4.1.dmg


* Added Indigo View example code to SDK distribution.
* Made it so that passes are done (e.g. PassDoneMessages are emitted) in CPU rendering mode even after realtime mode is finished.
Allows SDK users to just use ToneMapper::isImageFresh().
* Added the ‘Reading the rendered image back’ documentation section to Indigo SDK.pdf.
* Simplified some code in indigo example Driver.cpp.
* BREAKING CHANGE: API users now set the OpenCL device to use by setting it in SceneNodeRenderSettings instead of modifying settings.xml.
However the device selection is not serialised with SceneNodeRenderSettings.
* Added 'explicit' to Indigo::Vector count constructor to prevent accidental type conversion.
* Cleaned up IndigoMaterial.h a bit and added some convenience constructors to various node classes.
* Added initial implementation of in-mem tex map in the API.
* Indigo::Texture now has a default UVTexCoordGenerator tex_coord_generator.
* Throwing exception from scene loader if texture tex_coord_generation is null, instead of crashing.
* Added SceneNodeCamera::setPosAndForwards().
* Added some new Matrix2 constructors for easier use.
* Made it so that IndigoMesh::endOfModel() is called automatically in SceneNodeRoot::finalise() if it hasn't been already. This is to make using the API a bit easier.
* SceneNodeRoot::addChildNode now adds node dependencies (e.g. other nodes that this node depends on, such as children of a blend material) to the scene graph as well, if they are not already added.
Made it so that addChildNode has no effect if the node is already a child.
* added setSoloLayer to Indigo::ToneMapper
* Added Indigo::Renderer::getRegionSamplesPerPixel()
* Removed some old, unused header files.