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Indigo SDK 3.6.18

Posted: Tue Jul 16, 2013 2:52 am
by OnoSendai
Links to SDK builds:
Windows - ... _3.6.18.7z
OS X - ... 3.6.18.dmg

Password as per usual. Email Yves or Nick if you don't have it.

* Made SceneNodeRoot::writeToXMLFileOnDisk() take an optional ProgressListener arg.
* Made IndigoScenePacker::packScene() take an optional ProgressListener arg.
* Fixed occasional crash on IndigoContext construction / destruction.
* Fixed thread leak and occasional crash on IndigoContext destruction.
* Added some getPixel() methods and documentation to SDK classes FloatBuffer and UInt8Buffer.
* Changed RegularSpectrum SDK class start and end wavelengths to be in m instead of nm to avoid arithmetic on saving and
* Renderer::initialiseWithScene returns INDIGO_ERROR_SCENE_GRAPH_NOT_FINALISED if finalise() has not been called yet.
* Fixed serialisation of SceneNodeSectionPlane 'enabled' attribute.