Indigo SDK 3.4.17

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Indigo SDK 3.4.17

Post by fused » Thu Nov 29, 2012 6:09 am

Links to SDK builds:
Windows - ... _3.4.17.7z
OS X - ... 3.4.17.dmg

Password as per usual. Email me or Nick if you don't have it.

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* 2008 binaries now don't ship with vc++ redist dlls anymore. Instead, the vcredist installer is bundled. Please make sure to install it when deploying the vs2008 Indigo SDK.
* IndigoMesh::writeToFile() had problems with special characters. This has been fixed.
* added call to SetDllDirectoryW() to instruct windows to look for dependencies in the directory the indigo_sdk.dll is as well.
  (Windows will by default only look in the system and application directory and fail to load the indigo_sdk.dll if it is in a subdirectory)
* Removed SceneNodeSunSky.
* SceneNodeSunSky parses as SceneNodeBackgroundSettings now.
* SceneNodeRoot::getSunSky is now SceneNodeRoot::getBackgroundSettings.
* IndigoSceneParser adds SceneNodeBackgroundSettings in none existed in the scene.
* IndigoDriver now handles changes to SceneNodeBackgroundSettings.
* Added new alternate UV layout for IndigoMesh class and file format.
* Added new SDK class NetworkSlave. Similar to Renderer but can only start a network slave. (and get messages and last error).
* added EmissionChanged flag to SceneNode (for changing emission scales on models).
* added NONE emission scale measure to EmissionScale.
* added getter and setter for emission scales on SceneNodeModel.
* IESProfile and EmissionScale now expect a material ref or uid.

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