Luxrender supports .igi Image Format

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Luxrender supports .igi Image Format

Post by Sebastian » Thu Nov 15, 2007 10:52 am

Read it here : ... &Itemid=89

It stand's also in the latest release Log:
- Metropolis Light transport. (enabled by default) ('metropolis' integration sampler class)
Solves the firefly problem with path tracing in most scenes aswell as more efficient rendering,
especially with scenes with small apertures to access light and caustics etc...

- integration of cImg library for textures. (jromang and radiance)
the following texture input formats are supported:
* TIFF (inactive in win32 build currently, no lib compiled in yet)
* RAW : consists in a very simple header (in ascii), then the image data.
* ASC (Ascii)
* HDR (Analyze 7.5)
* INR (Inrimage)
* PPM/PGM (Portable Pixmap)
* BMP (uncompressed)
* PAN (Pandore-5)
* DLM (Matlab ASCII)

- IGI (Indigo Image file format) output.
Besides HDR OpenEXR output, the new IGI output allows you to use the GPL violet tonemapping tool
for adding post processing effects such as glare, chromatic abberation, etc..., and interactive tonemapping:
Violet can be downloaded here: ... &Itemid=62
(tip: use white balance 'B' for best results)

- 'metal' material. (tomb and Asbjørn Heid)
implements complex IOR BSDF's for metal materials.
various presets are available for different metals.
for information see: ... f=10&t=201

- 'carpaint' material. (tomb)
implements a shader suitable for realistic carpaint with various presets for different paint types,
aswell as low level controls for custom carpaints.
for information see: ... f=10&t=197

- multilobe Cook-Torrance BRDF and a isotropic Ward microfacet distribution. (tomb)
used by carpaint.

- optional scenefile can be given to lux gui binary to start rendering right away: (jromang and radiance)
> lux /path/to/scene.lxs

- new SFMT mersenne twister random number generator. (jromang)
- logging/IO is now (partially) using boost libs. (jromang)
- boost program options for luxconsole binary. (jromang)
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Post by CTZn » Thu Nov 15, 2007 12:12 pm

I couldn't read the news, but congrats OnoSendai !
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