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basic speed comparison

Post by dougal2 » Thu May 10, 2007 9:32 am

Just for entertainment value, here are some "benchmark" timings.

The machine:
AMD Athlon64 3500+ running Windows XP x64 Edition SP2.

The procedure:
1. Launch Violet.
2. Load room.igi (the standard test scene IGI that Ono provided via CVS).
3. Check "Auto".
4. Check "Camera Bloom".
(4a. Leave all other settings as default.)
5. Note the gaussian blur timing output.
6. Click "Camera Bloom" off and on twice more (with pauses in between) to obtain 2 more results.
7. Average the results.

The code:
Violet R12 P1 beta3

The tests:
1. Test the Mingw/GCC 32bit binary
2. Test the VC2005 32bit binary
3. Test the VC2005 64bit binary

The results:
1. 0.47061 sec
2. 0.52402 sec
3. 0.32841 sec

The conclusion:
I like 64bit :)

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