dichroic glass

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Post by CTZn » Fri Mar 20, 2009 4:34 am

I think I see what you meant PureSpider, these posts would have fitted better a 'Material WIP: Dichroic glass' thread on their own (admins maybe ?). I will do so next time, don't fear to be explicit when something could have been done better, thanks !

Updated the previous post:

removed faulty version E, introducing the B brand wich looks better for traditional yet modern architecture.

I want the uploaded mats to have a procedural bump map on them, a simple bump map that will be also released independently, to be applied on large flat glass panes. Also I'll finally get and mimic real glass values, all thoses where made on the fly. Possibly (near) UV filers or even metal coatings... For that matter I would need more time (not used with isl basics, haven't got a proper reference yet) but would like to dedicate it to other indigo related topics instead, I'll come to that back and forth, comments appreciated. Also I won't forget artisteesh glassery !

So here are the basics, be aware that these materials are amongst the longest to render so be prepared. Caustics appeared just after I decided I would stop the render for the material D building and they are the point of the exercise since they demonstrate dichroism (or polychroism maybe, I hope I did not abuse the term too much).

Nothing a renderfarm can't handle, or a bit of patience@home ;)

I'm reproducing the images here:










B and D use mlt and bidir for rendering, A mlt only. I was still scared of bidir but 1.1.18 rocks it !


About the scene: the dark pane is coplanar with the structure, all others panes have been moved 1mm away from their diffuse shell but this one escaped the move. Panes are 62.955 centimeters high each.
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Post by Kram1032 » Fri Mar 20, 2009 10:47 am

those are great :D

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Re: dichroic glass

Post by galinette » Mon Jan 11, 2010 11:17 am

I'm discussing that coated glass topic in another thread. I can provide real measured angle spectral data for these kind of advanced coated glasses for buildings (Just need to check the confidentiality of this, be patient...). That's my job to design and fabricate these coatings, and I've got all the spectrometers to measure the data.

However, currently, it's not possible to exactly make that kind of material in Indigo, as it automatically calculates reflection and transmission coefficients from the medium refractive index. To use my data, one needs to override these coefficients for the coated interface by user-defined ones. They are wavelength and angle dependant, in a complex fashion.


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