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Linear workflow - questions

Posted: Sat Feb 17, 2018 11:38 pm
by thesquirell
So, recently, I started to dabble in linear workflow, and besides feeling excited trying out "new" things, there is a great amount of confusion present. For me, at least.

The reason why I'm posting this here, with Materials, is that the question that is bugging me a lot is directly connected to the creation of materials - using textures, to be more specific. What is the "right" way to go with texture's gamma value inside Indigo's material editor? Are we supposed to force gamma value of every texture to 1, are we supposed to use the gamma value that was "native" to the file, or?

To make an example here:

Let's say I created a wood texture for my scene asset. In Mari, for example. I can choose between many color spaces, usually it's linear or sRGB. When I use this texture on my asset, should I use gamma value of 2.2 for sRGB texutre, 1.0 for Linear textures, if I'm to employ linear workflow? It's clear to me that the final render file needs to be saved out as untonemapped exr, but even then I still get this feeling that my scene is filled up with various gamma values of textures, and even this feeling that Indigo saves it out with some sort of gamma profile, since I always need to gamma correct the image inside Photoshop, to get that characteristic washed out look. I'm just flabbergasted, help me out guys, understanding this thing... :D