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Question about ISL

Posted: Mon Aug 27, 2012 2:17 am
by vl_dm

I am trying to make realistic atmosphere of the Earth. There are three spheres in the scene one for the Earth, one for the clouds - I tried SSS for them but the shadow is very strong ( or maybe I should try different scale of the model) and one for the atmosphere with a material that comes with the presets - glass with dispersion:


and I came to ISL. I read several topics about it but I can not understand it. May be one have to be familiar with computer programming: ... atmosphere ... ds#p115463

Where should be written the code - I use Maxigo 3.0.7 and Indigo 3.2.14 - Demo version.
Is it possible to make something like this:


Is it possible to use textures in a ISL shader I want to make not procedural clouds but volumetric wich are scattered by a texture:


Have I to be familiar to the materials nature as well as with the ISL to write them,