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I hope you don't mind me posting a little note to both exporter writers and site admins here.

[ pre-emptive edit: this is a bit of a brain-dump, loads of wild and crazy ideas follow.... ;) ]

It seems there is a bit of a problem with the way the downloads are organised, and the installation documentation for exporters.

New users are using the mismatched exporter and indigo versions.

I would like to propose that the downloads area is cleaned up and/or re-arranged such that the new user:
1. Is first presented with a list of stable indigo versions
2. Then given a list of exporters which are known to work with that version
3. Then presented with a quick "getting started" guide for the indigo version + exporter that they have chosen.
(4. There could then be a link to the full documentation).

Underneath the "stable" donwloads section there could then be links to the relevant forums where users can pick up the latest development versions of stuff - but from then on it'd be up to them to figure out what works with what.

Perhaps there should be clear indications (stickies/announcements) etc in each exporter subforum stating the latest stable and unstable releases and which versions of indigo they are known to work with, and providing links to the download thread for that version of indigo.

The better organisation of the main indigo downloads page will also keep exporter developers up to date with which version is actually considered "stable", and make their sticky threads easier to maintain.


I'm sure most of the information required to achieve this already exists, but I feel it just needs to be linked together a bit better and presented to the new user in a more logical and obvious way.

Your ideas?

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Sounds good :D
There also should be a "Supersticky" which has more priority than the other Stickys. But there always should be just *one* Supersticky and as soon as the next is chosen, it turns to a standard Sticky.
Would be useful to mark the *very* last release :)

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