Material Refraction

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Material Refraction

Post by Otk » Fri Oct 31, 2008 2:04 am

hi all.. this is my first message and this is my first design..

i used SketchUp and SkIndigo v1.0.9_3 as renderer. I downloaded all the materials from this site but i couldnt load them at SkIndigo so i used sketchups own materials.. (thin part of the ZEN is textured with an asphalt material :D)

as you see, the refraction of the ZEN from the glass is normal but main part of the ZEN is not textured right. (left side of the mp3 player is white as you see but it supposed to be textured like the refracted one) Why?

and one more thing if you got time, i want to use a bright black material for the up side (if you know the Creative Zen mp3 player, its front side is as bright as a piano black :)). i got materials igm and pigm format. but i couldnt load them. i read the related topic but i couldnt do it..i could only use sketchups main materials. but there is no fine metal materials so i am using colors for metal surfaces :( if you could explain it with screenshots you could make happy a new renderer that is far from you thousand kilometers away :roll:
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