Skindigo animation: 'how to' explained.

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Re: Skindigo animation: 'how to' explained.

Post by hannbrem » Mon Mar 20, 2017 4:48 pm


just spent the whole weekend trying to use the tab animation export to batch render 4 scenes at once using Skindigo 3.8.37 with Indigo 4.0.47 and Sketchup Pro 2016. Tried both, Windows and Mac OS.

When Scene Transitions is disabled or set to 0 seconds, Skindigo will produce an empty batch file igq, no matter what. Have tried to set the Scene Transitions to 1s, setting the frame rate to 1.05, but the scenes will not be at exactly their position when rendering. I followed the advice to duplicate the 4th scene.

Any help would be highly appreciated. Need to render 4 views on a product in more than a 1,000 different versions/colours. Using this kind of feature would greatly help!


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