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SKIndigo Materials Preview Model

Posted: Sat Nov 17, 2018 11:28 pm
by MichaelSiggers

I seem to be getting on well with Indigo and am exploring and experimenting with various settings.

Currently in the process of setting up a Studio Template in Sketchup with various Softboxes, (Emitters), to use for rendering furniture items.

Just one quick question though. Using Skindigo, how do I change the model used to preview materials. It’s currently the spherical object on a stand, with the Indigo Logo on. How would I add the option of using a floor or wall plane instead.

For example, if I’m creating a floor material, I find it easier if the material preview model was a flat floor type plane.

I’m assuming this is possible, as on some of the tutorials I’ve watched, one of the models used is a Pig.

Hope that makes sense.

Kind regards